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joy . purpose . m u s i c 

Especially Everyone’s mission is to facilitate participation in music for people of all abilities. 


Our focus is on serving people with special needs, the elderly, and other communities that have limited access to the world of music.


The Especially Everyone Ensemble is our original band

that provides a participatory, sensory-friendly concert experience. 

Especially Everyone Education offers private and group musical instruction through non-traditional methods of teaching.



Our concert experience is designed to engage audiences through music creation. We aim to make live music accessible to people that may find some elements of a traditional concert challenging through participation based musical performances, sensory-friendly lighting and an overall inclusive environment.  



We aim to blur the lines of separation between band and audience. We want you to participate in the show! The audience will have a chance to be a part of the music at MANY points during the performance, and we hope that you give it a try! In addition to being a part of the show, you can also snap a picture at our photobooth, give a high five to our dancing robot, and sign your name on the board before you leave.



We intentionally curate set lists that span multiple genres, all with a positive message. Our song selection includes a mix of covers and originals, performed by a band of professional musicians. 



We make a conscious effort to keep the noise level at a moderate volume and provide hearing protection like earmuffs and ear plugs. We’ve also designed a sensory-friendly light show. For anyone that may need to step away from the show, we have a designated “break area” where you can find a variety of relaxation items, as well as some free snacks and water.



Our shows typically take place on weekends in the early afternoon. We want you to be able to enjoy the whole show and not worry about getting home too late.



Our staff and volunteers are sure to be the friendliest people in the room. We’re there to help you have a worry-free and enjoyable experience. 

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